To those of you who have no idea who I am – most probably all – my name is Frank Pavan and I’m very happy and proud to work for WatchMojo.

Our CEO, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, graciously brought me into the WatchMojo family around one year ago. I’ve learned and done a whole lot in that span, and it’s all thanks to Ash and the team for taking a chance on me. If you’d like to read a bit more on Ash’s decision, and the process that led to it all, be sure to read this article.

Now, enough with the bootlicking 😆, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this story, and why you should be interested in reading it.

We all know WatchMojo’s rise to YouTube glory has been well documented, and that many of the company’s sister-channels have risen to astronomical followings as well. Nothing new to report there. However, forward-thinking companies, such as WatchMojo, develop new ideas (outside of the core pieces of their business) and allocate resources in order to take advantage of what’s at their disposal.

With WatchMojo’s core channel recently hitting the 24 million subscriber mark, it is quite obvious that they attract considerable viewership, and overall traction, on a daily basis. One often overlooked resource, that every YouTube channel has at its disposal (after surpassing 1000 subscribers), is the community tab. It allows all channels to form discussion, debates and gain a general sense for their subscriber base in an open forum format. WatchMojo has been an avid user of its community tab and often ask their community questions pertaining to pop-culture, general feedback and even survey them on a number of topics.

A new initiative that Ashkan, and the WatchMojo team, would like to explore is polling their audience every week on important and topical questions that pertain to the company and society at large. Often times, there is considerable volume and decisive answers that come with these polls, so implementing them on a regular basis can be advantageous to the company on many fronts.

Survey du Jour #1

Over the last three weeks, our ‘MojoInsights’ initiative surveyed the YouTube community on three different subjects. The first, addressed the topic of which device our community prefers to use when watching their favorite content.

Posted to WatchMojo’s core channel on September 3, 2021

With any new initiative, there will be growing pains along the way. I will admit that a significant error occurred with this survey, as the TV/Smart TV option was not inserted into this poll, and our loving subscribers made us fully aware.

As NintenGaming so eloquently put it, and the 801 people who likes his comment, TV’s apparently don’t exist according to us. OUCH!

Jeff Foraker, Sally Cat (and many others) voiced their opinions on TVs being their preferred device. So, while ‘phone’ led the poll by a landslide, the comments section would make us believe that TV would’ve been a close second option for this survey, instead of ‘computers’, ‘tablets’ and ‘gaming consoles’.

Survey du Jour #2

Our second survey tackled opening week in the NFL, and our audiences’ favorite sport to watch. While WatchMojo’s bread and butter definitely is not sports, they’ve always created sports-related content and Top 10 lists on various sports subjects, so sports have existed on the channel for a long time. Ashkan, myself, and several other employees are big sports fans, so they were interested in seeing where the audience leaned.

Posted to WatchMojo’s core channel on September 10, 2021

Keeping in mind the fact that 78% of our audience is male, that 67% of it consists of 18-to-34 year olds, and that our primary viewer location resides in the United States (UK being second), it does make sense that American football ranked first and football/soccer came in second. As an avid sports fan, I chose hockey simply because it was the sport I grew up on, so I had to show it some respect. I truly am a sports junky, so I’ve watched countless hours of almost every sport and with NFL football back in my life, I could not be happier…except when the team I root for loses, of course. It’s encouraging to see nearly 100K votes, as sports definitely is not the most popular item on WatchMojo’s agenda. The hockey community voiced their opinions in the comments section of this poll. Rugby, motorsport and tennis also had their fair share of supporters.

Survey du Jour #3

Posted to WatchMojo’s core channel on September 18, 2021

The third, and most recent ‘MojoInsights’ survey, offered the opportunity for our fans to let us know which WatchMojo-themed game would best suit the company. What’s most interesting, with this survey, is that the option with the most votes is ‘mobile game’, however many of the upvoted comments suggested that a WatchMojo version of trivial pursuit would be fun.

While a mobile game could prove to be a smart idea, especially given today’s digital landscape and everyone being connected to their smart phones, there’s something inherently special about a good, old-fashioned trivial board game. There must definitely be more brainstorm sessions within the walls of WatchMojo, but I do think, as Anthony mentioned in the comments, that there can be something special to be had with a WatchMojo-themed trivial pursuit game. We’ll have to wait and see! will be the home for this weekly series, and I look forward to analyzing data, gaining insight, engaging with our audience and intertwining it all with the art of storytelling. You can expect another entry to this series coming your way next week. Cheers.