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MojoInsights #3: WatchMojo’s First Ever Top 100

WatchMojo released its first ever Top 100 Video on their core channel. It was done without knowing how well it would be received, or if it was something the WatchMojo community even wanted. Well, once published, it was one of… Continue Reading →

Mojo Insights #2: MojoPlays Steals The Show

This week’s MojoInsights survey polled our audience on the idea of creating customized products for our family of channels. The options, in theory, can be endless, however with five channels having surpassed the 1M subscriber mark, and another eight having… Continue Reading →

The Art of Not Taking Shit From Anyone

In the past, I’ve occasionally published a noteworthy memo or letter, be it internally from my day-to=day job or something epic and noteworthy I wish to reference in the future. This is from a legendary letter screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (of… Continue Reading →

WFH vs WFO: To Return or Not To Return to the Office

How are you thinking about returning to the office vs WFH? Here’s an internal memo putting returning to the office in context for entrepreneurs running smaller businesses with observations on human nature. hello Team, Last week on the monthly catch… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #9: The Calm Before the Storm

Editor’s Note: latest instalment of Internal Memos, from the front lines. Team, Believe it or not, despite all of the upheaval and uncertainty, the past few weeks have been the calm before the storm. There will be a massive period… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #8: Brave New World

Hi team, hope you all had a nice weekend. As you heard, the government pushed back the “stay at home” phase from March 27th to May 1. So, we have at least another month. I realize working from home and… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #7: Covid/CoronaVirus Planning

Note: It would be weird to publish Internal Memos occasionally but not share one from the front lines. So this is 7th Internal Memo is in fact our #5 Update from our internal document that tracks Covid-19 aka Corona Virus… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #6: Success has many Parents; Failure is an Orphan

[editor’s note: Not many owners/CEOs/managers will break down the paradox of Google’s famous 20% time policy, how realistic that is, and how it affects employees’ compensation. This is a modified post taken from an internal memo] WatchMojo is a unicorn in… Continue Reading →

Internal Memo #5: 2020 State of the Union Digital Video

Editor’s Note: Each year, I send out a State of the Union, much like my peers at larger competitors like Buzzfeed or GroupNine. It’s a mix of industry trends and mainly, inside baseball operational things. This year, I am breaking… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #4: Innovating Means Drowning Out The Noise, Naysayers & Haters

[Editor’s note: the following is a modified version of my notes from opening remarks at WatchMojo’s first internal Show & Tell] This week, Thomas Cook & WeWork were in the news for similar & different reasons. What was similar? Debt,… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #3 – Why Do Some Organizations Win While Others Suck?

I’m wary of publishing (edited) memos as they lack context, but reading Tom Goodwin’s post on the topic, I felt it was worth it. The following is an edited excerpt regarding the importance of quality and integrity in the product and… Continue Reading →

Internal Memos #2 – Silver Lining & Lessons of Mic’s Implosion

(note: These are internal memos I send out to my team of ~ 70 FTEs, you may find them interesting). What happened? Last week, digital media company Mic shut down abruptly, in essence. Technically it sold for $5M to Bustle,… Continue Reading →

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