This week’s MojoInsights survey polled our audience on the idea of creating customized products for our family of channels. The options, in theory, can be endless, however with five channels having surpassed the 1M subscriber mark, and another eight having over 300,000, we feel like there’s a strong enough followership, on each, for a question like this to be posed.

Surprisingly, the smallest of the five (when compared to WatchMojo, MsMojo, MojoEspañol, WMItalia, and WMFrançais) won this contest unanimously.

Posted to WatchMojo’s YouTube channel on September 25, 2021

Out of the 36,000 votes, 60% of them selected the option of having a MojoPlays gaming controller. While the other four options suit their respective channels, there seems to be something undeniably attractive about custom-designed gaming controllers. According to one of our fans, this is the way to go.

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What this tells me is that, first and foremost, there must be a considerable chunk fo WatchMojo subscribers who are into gaming. If we were to dig a little deeper, it’s also a testament to MojoPlays as whole. They have connected with their audience ever since joining YouTube in May 2017, and the channel has transformed into a hub for gamers to reminisce, interact, and learn about new games and consoles. It would be negligent of me to not mention that the channel is also backed by articulate hosts who know how to paint the scene for their audience. When you tie all of these factors together, brand loyalty is born and, I believe, through the results we saw in this poll, that this is a small glimpse into the staunch support for the channel.

I have such fond memories, as a young kid who was in love with video games, with wanting a Call of Duty designed Xbox, a Halo 3 controller, or a God of War Playstation bundle. Customized gaming gear just works. Gamers love their accessories. Let’s go and do it!

Aside from the MojoPlays gaming controller, let’s dig into some fun subscriber comments/suggestions, shall we?

One of the options listed in the survey was that of an “Unveiled Spaceship”. With over 750k Sci-Fi-loving subscribers, we felt like it was worthy of having a channel-themed product, and it seems like the idea reeled in quite a response.

As Doc Skywalker51 so eloquently put it, give us a ‘DARN’ spaceship!

Creating a scaled down model of Sci-Fi’s most historic spaceships, like the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, the Millennium Falcon or even Death Star from Star Wars, and brand it with an Unveiled twist would be a fun way to connect with fans.

Unveiled is often times a forgotten company channel. It’s very much in its own lane, and viewers don’t often see the ties to the mothership, WatchMojo. See what I did there? 😆

For our WatchMojoUK fans, the tea pot idea hit the sweat spot.

MojoTravels didn’t make it on the survey, but a yearly calendar was actually discussed during a brainstorm session, so maybe it’s an idea we can pursue for the channel!

While this entire initiative is still extremely nebulous, WatchMojo is using these surveys to connect and engage with their audience on a deeper level. While having endless Top 10, 20 and even 100 videos are great for YouTube purposes, we want to give fans more of a selection, more than just another video that appears on their YouTube homepage. Here’s to hoping we see more of this, and to having multiple channels offer customized products for everyone to enjoy.