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Insecurities: The Muslim & the Jews

In this latest piece in the Insecurities series, I open up about how many of us sub-consciously try to endear others in our journey to appease ourselves. The Dersh and I? Alan Dershowitz and I probably disagree on more than… Continue Reading →

The Paradox of Hollywood’s Piracy Roots

The origins of Hollywood are rooted in skirting the law Analog production and distribution of media was the original, quintessential rights management tool, making the reproduction of content challenging. Digitization – via the rise of computers, internet, world wide web… Continue Reading →

Bring Down The Establishment

Don’t believe the hype: Covid will accelerate the democratization of the movie industry via Personalization, Curation & Customization. For about a decade, journalists have spent their time navel gazing wondering about the future of their profession even though ironically, today… Continue Reading →

Hollywood As We Knew It Is Over (But Not For the Reason You Think)

The biggest change to affect Hollywood isn’t actually the streaming platforms, but that the democratization of media emancipates talent. Oh the hypocrisy! I enjoyed Bill Mechanic’s take this past week. The clichés are true: culture eats strategy for breakfast. Success… Continue Reading →

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