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Why YouTubers Are The Next Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

YouTubers are the next entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Some of the most influential people on YouTube and social media have expanded their influence in social media to pursue other business opportunities that they are either passionate about or see as an… Continue Reading →

Analyzing YouTube Shorts, TikTok & Short Content Competitors

Recently, it was announced by Google that around 1.5 Billion People view their YouTube Shorts per month. On the other hand, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance reported that 1 Billion People watch their shorts per month last year. When it comes… Continue Reading →

Distinguishing the Key Competitors in the Metaverse: Roblox, Unity, Epic Games

One of the biggest revelations in recent years is the idea of a virtual metaverse becoming the center of everything we do in the future. The metaverse is essentially the online world in a nutshell. In the metaverse, you can… Continue Reading →

What’s Next For Netflix?

The Streaming Landscape has generally been the same for a good amount of time. YouTube has always been a free-short form AVOD Model while Netflix has always been a long-form SVOD Model. You can learn more about these two advertising… Continue Reading →

Prime Day’s Impact on Amazon

Hi There! Welcome back to a brand new Ask Ash blog post, where I ask WatchMojo Founder & CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan about various things, ranging from what is going on in the news, to career advice for students and entrepreneurs…. Continue Reading →

The True Power & Real Change of The Creator Economy

The web’s democratization is fully paving the way for a more just & equal ecosystem at a time where inequality around the world is expanding The emancipation of the creator and the emergence of the storytelller/entrepreneur have redefined media. We are now entering an accelerated period,… Continue Reading →

Why Canada’s Wage Subsidy Plans Isn’t Effective & Will Slow Recovery

I’ve hesitated to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because overall, he’s done a good job and let’s face it, there isn’t a practical pandemic playbook. That said, upon reading that the wage subsidy plan was under-performing (not paying out as much as… Continue Reading →

8 Tips for FOX Employees Laid off by Disney To Get that New Media Job

“We are not leaving because we didn’t make money for the company or we did a bad job. We are leaving because of pure capitalism.” via Vanity Fair. I owe a considerable debt of gratitude to more experienced executives and entrepreneurs… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship: Controlling Your Destiny

At the turn of the 20th century, Montreal ranked alongside New York as one of the dominant centers in the Americas. By the mid-1970s, a desire amongst French-speaking citizens to separate Quebec from Canada spooked corporations and the wealthy English… Continue Reading →

The Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned In My 20 Years In Business & 40 Years of Life

Two years ago I went to Greece for the first time. I’d been married to a Greek Goddess and after 11 years of marriage, it was time. It came on the heels of WatchMojo’s YouTube account being hacked; it also… Continue Reading →

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