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Prime Day’s Impact on Amazon

Hi There! Welcome back to a brand new Ask Ash blog post, where I ask WatchMojo Founder & CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan about various things, ranging from what is going on in the news, to career advice for students and entrepreneurs…. Continue Reading →

The True Power & Real Change of The Creator Economy

The web’s democratization is fully paving the way for a more just & equal ecosystem at a time where inequality around the world is expanding The emancipation of the creator and the emergence of the storytelller/entrepreneur have redefined media. We are now entering an accelerated period,… Continue Reading →

Why Canada’s Wage Subsidy Plans Isn’t Effective & Will Slow Recovery

I’ve hesitated to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because overall, he’s done a good job and let’s face it, there isn’t a practical pandemic playbook. That said, upon reading that the wage subsidy plan was under-performing (not paying out as much as… Continue Reading →

8 Tips for FOX Employees Laid off by Disney To Get that New Media Job

“We are not leaving because we didn’t make money for the company or we did a bad job. We are leaving because of pure capitalism.” via Vanity Fair. I owe a considerable debt of gratitude to more experienced executives and entrepreneurs… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship: Controlling Your Destiny

At the turn of the 20th century, Montreal ranked alongside New York as one of the dominant centers in the Americas. By the mid-1970s, a desire amongst French-speaking citizens to separate Quebec from Canada spooked corporations and the wealthy English… Continue Reading →

The Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned In My 20 Years In Business & 40 Years of Life

Two years ago I went to Greece for the first time. I’d been married to a Greek Goddess and after 11 years of marriage, it was time. It came on the heels of WatchMojo’s YouTube account being hacked; it also… Continue Reading →

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