This would be a dream Job for someone who loves data, community and storytelling.

At the heart of WatchMojo’s editorial strategy is the suggest tool, where fans suggest topics and entries. We have started to expand and poll the audience both to appease our boundaryless curiosity, as well as for our clients & partners.

As such, I’m looking for someone who is really obsessed about 1) data, 2) community and 3) storytelling. I’m not one to say this position requires X years of experience or Y degree… I am looking for the right candidate and frankly it could be someone senior and experienced with a career path that lends itself well to this initiative but who now wants to wade into a different frontier… as it can be someone young and relatively inexperienced but with the right passion and eye for what we want to accomplish. Really, this is about engaging with our community and coming up with stories… Here’s an example of what we did with Netflix:

We acknowledge that tapping into the collective mindset of our 50 million followers/subscribers and 100 million+ viewers yields some interesting insights. As per Digiday:

We have been polling our community for a while around entertainment topics and pop culture themes,

but we now want to expand away from fandom and also ask them about other things, as we did here‘s about returning to an office where we separately polled both the WatchMojo staff and the WatchMojo community of viewers,

– amongst the staff, only 1/3 said they would look for another job if forced to return to in-person work.

– But amongst our fans/viewers/subscribers/community, 2/3 said they would do the same and look for a new employer.

This is something we have done at arms’ length and now planning to push further into, building data via our Insights initiative. 

Rome wasn’t built overnight, but as I plot the next 15 years of WatchMojo, Insights will become more central, as a means to engage with our audience more, strengthen our community and expand into new realms of storytelling.

If this sounds like your dream job… hit me up!