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New York City is Dead, Long Live NYC

A few years ago when Dubai hit a rough patch, a lot of the foreign workers who didn’t have roots had the luxury of packing up and leaving. To people seeking a bigger pay check, Dubai was a means to… Continue Reading →

How a Pandemic & Unemployment Amplified Civil Rights Protests

America is, for all intents and purposes, the greatest nation in the world. But a lack of intellectual curiosity and honesty has led its precipitous fall in the 21st century. America is a paradox, a country built on a series… Continue Reading →

Cirque is Dead. Long Live Cirque

Cirque du Soleil – The Most Complex Creative & Corporate Reinvention in Business History? “Are you submitting a bid for Cirque?” asked a journalist who knew about my previous interest in Just for Laughs. As a Montreal-based entrepreneur with a… Continue Reading →

Why Canada’s Wage Subsidy Plans Isn’t Effective & Will Slow Recovery

I’ve hesitated to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because overall, he’s done a good job and let’s face it, there isn’t a practical pandemic playbook. That said, upon reading that the wage subsidy plan was under-performing (not paying out as much as… Continue Reading →

The Night Seth Rogen Sent me to the ER

Have you ever thought: “I think I’m going to die?” Not in a “oh if I see my ex, I’m going to die” or “if I don’t do well in this exam, I am going to die.” I mean literally,… Continue Reading →

Why I Finally Hired a Banker (The Art of Filtering & Buffering)

Jon Erlichman interviewed me some time ago for his show. I ran into him at Collision where I gave a keynote presentation on the art of going viral vs building a media business through franchises. We chatted about Cheddar’s recent sale to AlticeUSA. He… Continue Reading →

Greed is Good. Competition’s Better. Simplicity Wins.

The following is an excerpt from my 3rd book: The 10-Year Overnight Success An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto: How WatchMojo Built The Most Successful Media Brand On YouTube. Published in fall 2016, it captured a decade’s journey and published at a moment in… Continue Reading →

Introducing SoundMojo

TL;DR – one of the reasons I built a media company with an audience & brand people cared about was to serve as springboard to launch things around it, be it storytelling canvases or soundtracks to our lives. If you’re an artist… Continue Reading →

Sometimes the Best Deals are the Ones You Don’t Make

Seeing Vice Media need to scale back their expansion by reducing headcount by 15% and Defy Media shut down serve as cautionary tales. I will leave the lessons for another day, but here are two excerpts from my third book The… Continue Reading →

Success – like Time – is Relative, Fluid & Subjective

Got back from Miami today, spent a week with friends and family to celebrate a few of us turning 40. Had a chance to speak to some aspiring entrepreneurs on Thursday at Venture Cafe. As promised, I’ll be sending them… Continue Reading →

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