WatchMojo released its first ever Top 100 Video on their core channel. It was done without knowing how well it would be received, or if it was something the WatchMojo community even wanted. Well, once published, it was one of the channel’s most successful videos that given week, has over 200k views (number likely to change at the moment you read this), and the comments section is an indication for the subscribers’ strong appreciation towards the channel, and applauding the courage for taking on a list of such magnitude. In fact, it seems like it is something the fanbase is open to seeing more of, and it is something the company is looking to continue producing, however, the frequency is still yet to be determined.

Dropping this mega movie bomb of a video on our viewers made us realize how rich in pop culture the WatchMojo audience truly is. The pinned comment on the video is, ‘Go big or go home right?!’. Taking on a list such as this is a herculean task, and despite not everyone’s favorite movie earning a spot, it proves how knowledgeable and understanding the community truly is.

I think it’s fair to say many people probably share the same sentiments as Steven. Not everything about this list can be considered perfect, and that’s fine. While not everyone will agree with every entry and ranking, what’s great is that some people have come to the understanding that this list still deserves some respect.

When digging deeper into the fan reaction, you’ll be quick to notice that it brought people down memory lane and it also made people’s creativity soar! The comments section was a treasure trove of nostalgia, appreciation and fun new ideas to extend the series.

Audience Ideas

For the Fun of it 😆

Something to fix for future videos

We are conscious of everything at WatchMojo, and doing everything we can to improve the viewing experience is on that list! You can be sure to see this rectified for the next one, whenever that is 😀

To conclude this article, here are some thoughts and results from our own staff at WatchMojo.

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