Back in 2020, Josh Smith, a subscriber to WatchMojo asked Ash about his YouTube business. He had been running the digital media business for about 4 years, but unfortunately did not have that much success. He started to consider quitting YouTube and wanted to ask the CEO of one of the most powerful YouTube Companies in the world what to do.

Essentially, Ash mentioned a couple of things. The first thing is that even if there is one thing that you find to be a success in your business, you should continue to pursue your business. However, if there is absolutely nothing that you can find to be successful in your business, then you would know your answer.

Additionally, another thing Ash mentioned was that YouTube may have not been the platform that John Smith should be going for. Instead, Ash said that maybe he should pursue a different social media platform and experiment to see if another platform may be better for the business model that John Smith’s company has.

Here is a link to watch the video of Ash giving advice to John Smith: