If teenagers want to be YouTubers then it’s fair to say their parents want to be a streamers.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is thinking of launching a new news network that would make FOX News look liberal. But, instead of embracing TV, Trump is thinking of embracing streaming. He’s not alone.

Earlier this year, Edgar Bronfman Jr backed FuboTV and joined as Executive Chairman. The company then filed for IPO and has seen its stock rise slowly but surely. Bronfman isn’t alone. Executive Kevin Mayer left Disney to join Tiktok, but then after being sidelined in discussions with the US government and parent Bytedance, he bolted from the social media darling only to reappear at Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries, who were behind Warner Music Group, which itself recently IPOd. Whom did Blavatnik buy WMG from? Edgar Bronfman’s investors.

While the comparisons between Mayer and Bronfman end there – one inherited a fortune and then flipped assets to move into media & entertainment while the other earned his stripes building Disney’s streaming business – seeing Trump be the latest elder statesman to drop their old media obsession in favor of streaming speaks volumes about the new world order we are in.