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Markets Always Correct Themselves. This Time Will Be No Different

The Dow reached 20,000 in January 2017. It fell again below 20,000 in March 2020. By November 2020, it hit 30,000. In between, 250,000 people died. Erin Griffith’s article in the NYT talks about the insanity in venture financing. Don’t hate the messenger,… Continue Reading →

Stocks to Watch: If Shopify Can Be The Next Amazon, Could Lightspeed or Nuvei be the Next Shopify?

Short answer: nothing is the next Amazon and neither Lightspeed nor Nuvei are the next Shopify, but they do represent good-albeit-risky bets to capitalize on the $2 trillion global payments market. Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice…. Continue Reading →

Stocks to Watch: Broadband TV (BBTV)

Online video is competitive, but poised to continue to grow. Is BBTV a good proxy for the sector? As part of The Academy, I break down my thinking and experiences in Business: Entrepreneurship, Finance & Investment, Marketing, Management etc. In… Continue Reading →

Stocks to Watch: Enthusiast Gaming (EGLX)

EGLX is a somewhat risky near-term bet but represents an attractive long-term bet as a proxy for eSports growth. As part of The Academy, I break down my thinking and experiences in Finance & Investment, Marketing, Management etc. In this… Continue Reading →

Introducing My Stock Portfolio

Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice. I am NOT licensed to give any advice. These writings are intended as entertainment to put into context how a media entrepreneur and investor thinks, given my unique time horizon and… Continue Reading →

Shortcutting Your Course to Success

Entrepreneurship. Education. Experience. Equity. Energy. Emotion. Example. Excellence. You may have heard me mention Vision, Ambition, Execution, Persistence, Luck, Timing, Focus and Resiliency as ingredients required to succeed as an entrepreneur. But not everyone is an entrepreneur (i.e. risking their… Continue Reading →

Is Snap a Foundational Stock?

Markets transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient. Michael Milken argued that the “best investor is a social investor.” Understanding that explains Snap’s turnaround story. Yesterday, I posted an article on my Anti-Portfolio, which included my investment approach with… Continue Reading →

The Case of Long Term Capital Management

Yesterday, I referenced that while in college, our final group report for the hybrid Bachelor/MBA Management Of Financial Institutions course at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University was on the Long Term Capital Management hedge fund. Lucky… Continue Reading →

My Anti Stock Portfolio

As I get back into investing, I am inspired by VC firm’s Anti-Portfolio and sharing five companies I loved but whose stocks I never bought. You can jump to my current portfolio, but this article goes beyond “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve”… Continue Reading →

What Do Entrepreneurship & Investing Have in Common?

“The best investor is a social scientist.”-Michael Milken I’m always drawn to the reasons why individuals pursue their calling. Hugh Hefner asked for a $5 raise from Esquire, and when turned down, launched Playboy. In Geekwire’s “How Tom Alberg bet… Continue Reading →

Turning $250K into A Global Business Reaching 250M Unique Viewers

WatchMojo’s global reach during the first quarter of 2019 surpassed 250 million unique viewers. Truth be told, it wasn’t the first time… we have been over that mark for over a year, but it was the first time I noticed…. Continue Reading →

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