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Will 2020s be Decade of Social eCommerce?

All social shopping is live, but at risk of being philosophical is all live shopping social? This past Sunday, Brendan Gahan and I got on Clubhouse at 4pm EST (link) to discuss social video, social shopping, live eCommerce and much… Continue Reading →

Breaking Down Each Video Platforms’ 2020 & What to Expect in 2021

Covid will do to TV/digital video revenues what the great recession did to newspaper/digital media: accelerate the shift. With Google and Snap reporting results, here’s a breakdown and summary of each major video platform: Google YouTube In 2020, for the… Continue Reading →

Digital Media Firms Have Unique Risks & Challenges. SPACs Salvation or Hail Marry?

Did digital media’s hangover make it the perfect candidate for SPACs? Something must be in the air: Axios CNBC BusinessInsider and I suspect others as well, soon, are all publishing articles talking about the game of musical chairs in digital… Continue Reading →

Media SPACs to the Rescue!

SPACs were seen as financing of last resort, but have now gained credibility Privately-held companies sometimes achieve a liquidity event by way of a merger or acquisition. Otherwise, there are multiple paths to liquidity, namely: – IPO– Direct listing– SPACs…. Continue Reading →

Being Long-Term Greedy

“We’re greedy, but long-term greedy.” Gus Levy, Goldman Sachs. Greed is defined as wanting more than you have. In March 2018, a bunch of my friends and our spouses headed down to Florida to celebrate our 40th birthday. On the… Continue Reading →

Will Snowflake Melt Away or Become an Avalanche?

What happened for me to turn from shorting a stock to going long? In My Anti-Portfolio article, I discussed how while completing my finance degree, Warren Buffett taught me that investors should: a) invest in companies they understand,b) back management… Continue Reading →

The Mad Scientist

Yesterday we looked at how companies can avoid dying through innovation, risk-taking. Today we look at the method to the madness of our series of bold bets which paid off. In 2016, I was meeting with Time Inc. to explore… Continue Reading →

Why Is It Hard to Value Sports-Related Stocks?

Cord cutting disrupted the business of sports. Betting has hit the sports landscape like a meteor at a time when a pandemic has already knocked it off its feet. Whenever I see so much run-up across so many stocks, I… Continue Reading →

Who Will Win the Sports Betting Match?

Demand and Supply in media no longer makes sense to support traditional models, in general. In sports in particular, the entire landscape is being redrawn and business models and valuations being re-examined. The world of sports coverage and sports betting… Continue Reading →

Record Labels: When Greed and Fear Collide

In a surprising twist, I bought some shares in Warner Music Group, the company who brought me much joy as a consumer and more headaches as an entrepreneur. So apparently, while gaming took off during a pandemic, growth in music… Continue Reading →

Markets Take Time To Catch Up To a Stock’s Story

Sony, Crackle, Pop! Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice. I am NOT licensed to give any advice. These writings are intended as entertainment to put into context how a media entrepreneur and investor thinks, When Viacom bought Pluto… Continue Reading →

Is Airbnb the Foundational Stock of the 21st Century Generation?

Airbnb is the poster child for the 2010s and apparently, 2020. In this article I break down why I added Airbnb to the Granicus stock portfolio. Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice. I am NOT licensed to… Continue Reading →

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