The web’s democratization is fully paving the way for a more just & equal ecosystem at a time where inequality around the world is expanding

The emancipation of the creator and the emergence of the storytelller/entrepreneur have redefined media. We are now entering an accelerated period, with profoundly more dislocation of both traditional media, commerce and industry, in this new world order where content owners and distributors morph into one. It’s amazing how the previous model washed away: unlike then, rights holders now have an economic incentive to embrace audiences no matter what the cost.

But, the thing is, the “spheres colliding” micro trend is already somewhat passé, giving way to the broader, macro level “creator-centric model.” Notice what I am emphasizing.

This article from Verge on Marques Brownlee recaps one of the most notable success stories. The real takeaway, for me, is how platforms‘ ultimate value add to society is how it does over time level the uneven terrain of opportunities, giving underdogs and disenfranchised a shot at glory. The web’s democratization is further paving the way for a more just & equal ecosystem, even if it means Hollywood as we know it is over, or the establishment must be brought down (so to speak, natch). At a time where inequality around the world is expanding, that’s a positive change and something the big tech firms could be communicating better.