YouTubers are the next entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Some of the most influential people on YouTube and social media have expanded their influence in social media to pursue other business opportunities that they are either passionate about or see as an opportunity to create a sub-business that can create some serious revenue. With the recent news of Logan Paul signing with the WWE, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the most prominent & unique businesses & business opportunities that the top creators have created using the power of their influence.

Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration & Signing With The WWE

Recently, it was announced by Logan & the WWE that the social media & YouTube Star who founded the ImPaulsive podcast signed a multi-event deal with the WWE. While we don’t know how many matches Logan has signed on for & how the WWE is going to use him, we do know that Logan Paul is going to be at WWE’s SummerSlam event where he is going to be going after fellow WWE Superstar The Miz. 

For context, after signing with the WWE, Logan Paul said on his podcast that he believes while joining the promotion has been something he has wanted to do on his bucket list, he thinks that this is a great opportunity to connect the WWE with a more mainstream audience. In my opinion, this is a win-win for both the WWE & Logan Paul. While the WWE already has a massive following, this is a huge opportunity to connect with Logan’s 25 million+ followers, & increase the brand awareness of the WWE. Logan Paul has already had WWE Superstars on his podcast, including the likes of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, & Bobby Lashley. Having someone who people want to know what he does next on a consistent basis will only draw eyes to the promotion. Whether you like him or not, keep an eye out for him, as he is going to be a big draw for the company.

For Logan, I think this is a great stepping stone to step out of the boxing phase. While Logan’s work in boxing was ok, and it did draw a big crowd, I think the WWE could be a perfect place for him to show off his athletic ability, & allow him to showcase his personality. For the time that he has been on WWE before signing the contract, he’s already worked with big stars in the company & had good screen time. As he learns more about the WWE, he’ll only get better.

Outside of the WWE, Logan’s biggest business venture to recent date has been his Sports Hydration company called PRIME Hydration. Co-Founded by Logan & fellow YouTube star KSI, PRIME Juice is a sports drink targeted to fuel any lifestyle. Founded in 2021, it’s reported that the company has turned into a $150-200 million business. Furthermore, the company has been able to seal distribution deals with the likes of Walmart & Target. For an industry where you need distribution to make profit, PRIME Hydration is already a success with even more potential.

MrBeast’s Feastables & Beast Burger

The biggest YouTuber on this list, MrBeast has created some of the most successful businesses to date outside of YouTube. With over 200 million subscribers across his multiple channels, MrBeast is known for pulling massive stunts & giving away lots of money in the process. Every video of his is better than the last. Outside of YouTube, MrBeast is known for creating MrBeast Burger, & Feastables.

MrBeast Burger has been in existence for longer than Feastables & has taken the country by storm, with the world set to be next. MrBeast Burger is a fast-food service that operates in a ghost-kitchen format. Essentially, MrBeast does not have any physical stores of MrBeast Burger (well, not yet) and sends the ingredients to local restaurants where the food can be made. From there, they make the food & either you can pick it up from the store that the food was made in, or you can get it delivered from the likes of Uber Eats, or GrubHub. MrBeast Burger makes a commission off of the purchase as well as the restaurant. It has been reported that MrBeast Burger was able to sell 1 million burgers within its first three months of existence. In short, that equals 12,000 burgers sold a day. It also has been rumored that the ghost kitchen made 12 million in revenue in 2021 alone. 

The other business that he created in early 2022 is called Feastables. Feastables is a chocolate/ice cream company that was directly related to his Willy Wonka Themed video. Feastables started out as a promotion where you can buy a chocolate bar & if you found a golden ticket inside, you were invited to MrBeast’s Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Challenge, quite like the original movie. After some time, MrBeast invited the 5 golden ticket winners, and whoever won the competition that MrBeast had either won a real chocolate factory or $500,000 in cash. The winner ultimately took the $500,000. Feastables is made up of just 5 ingredients. According to Business Insider, Feastables has been able to sell $10 million dollars of chocolate bars since its founding earlier this year. It’s clear that MrBeast has been able to expand his business to make a serious profit using his influence & intellect & it will be interesting to see what business the YouTuber decides to create next.

Nick DiGiovanni’s Osmo Salt

While not the biggest name on this list, Nick DiGiovanni is someone not to be taken lightly, as he’s been able to gain almost 6 million followers on YouTube alone, with hundreds of thousands more on other platforms as well. Nick DiGiovanni is most well known for being a culinary chef & personality who was able to make the finals & secure 3rd place on Fox’s Masterchef back in Season 10 of the show. Since his appearance on MasterChef, he graduated from Harvard University, and appear as a guest on other cooking & food channels before eventually starting his own YouTube channel. Since then, Nick DiGiovanni started a salt company called Osmo Salt.

Osmo Salt is a premium salt & grinder company. With multiple options to choose from, Osmo provides different bundles of flavors & grinders to help improve your cooking experience. While we don’t know how much Osmo has made Nick DiGiovanni, I’m confident it’s been a success as the product is featured in almost all of the chef’s videos, and those videos gain hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views at a time. Reportedly, Nick DiGiovanni is rumored to be worth around 3.75 million. 

Creators & YouTubers with their influence have been able to expand their business opportunities outside of YouTube to increase revenue & popularity. They are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, & their popularity will only grow with the products they create.