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Eagles vs Turkeys

You need a cast of characters with everyone to contribute to win, but the most likely way teams lose is casting people in the wrong roles Given my Nature and Nurture, I’m so naive and idealistic that I’m surprised I… Continue Reading →

The Art and Science of Developing Talent

I expanded on our RAM initiative, or Resource Allocation Management, in a previous article. I am updating and posting here as a stand-alone piece before Part 2 In 2020, during a pandemic no less, we unveiled RAM within The Academy, our… Continue Reading →

Insecurities: The Persian

Your heritage should be a source of pride, but sometimes, we feel responsible for the sins of others This is part 2 in my series on Insecurities. I was born in Iran in March 1978 to Muslim parents. We weren’t… Continue Reading →

Not Asking for Permission: MsMojo Origins

Launching MsMojo was an example of listening to your inner voice, serving your community and not giving in to the perpetually-offended (now help me serve another demographic) Part of WatchMojo’s brands, MsMojo turns 5! It’s turned out to be a… Continue Reading →

People Ahead of Profit

For as long as I can recall, I’ve referenced the concept of “people ahead of profit,” which goes beyond looking at the bottom line, reinvesting, empathy and not chasing near-term profits You can blame Facebook for the destruction of democratic… Continue Reading →

Vision vs vision

Vision figuratively speaking is usually juxtaposed with Mission and Statement of Purpose. But literally speaking, I have also compared Vision with vision Vision vs vision In business, Vision is discussed relative to Mission and Statement of Purpose, for that, read… Continue Reading →

Vision, Mission, Statement of Purpose

These terms are used inter-changeably, but they mean different things and serve different goals in strategy and tactics, culture and communications From the first day you walk into business school, you hear these terms. Businesses refer to them all the… Continue Reading →

Two Underrated Traits of Leaders

Underneath all the noise may be a nugget of gold. It’s your duty as a leader to unearth that. “I really started eBay on the notion that people are basically good.”Pierre Omidyar, founder  “Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I… Continue Reading →


Human beings are all driven by insecurities. Don’t be so defensive, you are too. Human beings are driven by insecurities. Rebecca and I discussed it in a Context.TV video last year; having now referenced it in many articles on this… Continue Reading →


Covid will have a K-shaped effect on business travel, based on how professionals recalibrate their priorities in the future On March 12, we began to migrate our team to work from home. We were able to do this efficiently and… Continue Reading →

Your Company’s Beacon?

Your Company’s North Star is the singular belief and principle that drives all other decisions. But companies should also have organizations that provide a beacon for where they want to steer their ship. As an entrepreneur, you’ll always be benchmarked… Continue Reading →

Building & Retaining an Army

The most effective organizations in the information age count their Intellectual Property as their strongest asset. While it is People who create that IP, modern management seems to view People as an afterthought. In ancient times, “entrepreneurs” would build armies… Continue Reading →

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