This August, Ash went back to his alma mater, Concordia University to give a lecture on how companies need to innovate, or else they will not survive, and it makes sense. If you want to continue to gain market share in your industry, you need to continue to feed different things to your customers, so that they will not go to another company because you are not developing.

From an employee perspective, I think that the ability to innovate, and adapt is what makes an employee so versatile. Having new ideas, and executing them is what helps the overall company growth, and makes the employee more valuable to the company. 

Additionally, what is important is that you work for a company that allows you to create exciting campaigns for a company, but also a company that is grounded and knows what works and what doesn’t work. It’s also important to work for someone who wants everyone to succeed as well.

When you have a good work culture, it makes others motivated to work even harder. As people are more relaxed, they can focus their entire attention on what they are working on!

If you want to see Ash’s Discussion with Concordia University, click here: