Back in October 2020, Ash held office hours on ContextTV and was asked about the timing of his business and how he was able to make decisions to grow WatchMojo.

I think the timing is important not just in business, but in life as well. For example, I might want to pursue something now, but in a couple of years, another opportunity can come up that intrigues me, and I end up deciding to pursue something that I never considered to be enjoyable in life. Nobody can look into the future to see what will happen.

People take things day-to-day and will make decisions that they regret when looking back into the past. I had a teacher in high school who said “We have 20-20 vision when looking in the past, but we can’t see into the future”. I think that especially when running a business, it is important to know that timing and the decisions that you make really determine how your business or career plays out.

I think another thing that timing involves is taking control of your life. Once you take control of your life, you will start to see opportunities in a different way, and make sure that you can make the most out of them

Here is the link to the Office Hours session on YouTube: