The sixth instalment of our Granicus Profile series focuses on a hardware and software solutions company, by the name of LARRY. They help provide elderly people, who are living at home, with healthier and safer lives, through an app-controlled series of smart sensors that monitors their movements and routine by utilizing at-home data and creating alerts for specific situations. LARRY has taken the time to invest and develop a secure system that helps an important age demographic that are often left vulnerable in certain situations.

In this series, we take a look at different companies within the Granicus Group Portfolio, who runs them, why they’re of interest and where they plan on going.

A Word From Granicus Group

“What Covid did was accelerate the need for better diagnostic and monitoring tools, especially for those who live alone and can’t benefit from 24/7 care. However, even before Covid, the ageing of the population and longer life expectancy means we need better ways to watch older people who are susceptible to injuries and slowed response times. The team at LARRY have a great track record and focused on solving this problem.”

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

1. Company’s Elevator Pitch

We build hardware and software solutions that help people living alone the opportunity to live healthier and safer lives. Our first product is an app-controlled series of smart sensors that monitors the wellness of your loved one by utilizing at-home data and alerting you in specific situations. 

2. Who

3. Why?

We started the company from personal experience. Being in the market for a product to monitor a loved done, we noticed the shortcomings of existing options. So we set out to build something that would not only monitor for emergency situations, but changes in daily routines, which are as important for the wellbeing of our loved one(s). 

4. How?

We use at-home data through a combination of software and hardware products to learn and process daily activity data.

5. Company influences?

Howz and vayyar are the two companies that influenced us. Howz is a very simple monitoring technology but cannot detect emergency situations. Vayyar is a high tech company focused on falls, however, it costs $180USD per room. It is too expensive to cover a whole house with vayyar. We have learnt from both of these companies and we are proud to cover entire rooms in one house, detect emergency situations, understand changes in the daily routine and link those changes to early signs of health problems like depression and Alzheimer’s. We have also managed to keep our prices at a reasonable rate.

6. Where do you see the business in 3-5 years?

First, we will target the elderly monitoring market, but our goal is to become a data company. We are the only company that collects detailed personal in-home data and links this data with signs of health problems. This data can open different opportunities in the wellness and health market. 

In three years, we believe that we’ll be able to save many lives and transform LARRY into both a household name and standard product for elderly people living alone all over the world.

In five years, we’ll be able to prove that our product can be useful not just for the elderly, but for all people living alone who are interested in feedback about health and wellness, regardless of their age. This is a signifcantly large market, with 200 million people living alone in the USA , Europe and Japan, and we feel confident our product will remain an enticing option for many years.

For those interested in gaining more information on LARRY, don’t hesitate to email them at: