Last month, Ash went on CJAD 800, a radio station in Montreal to speak with Elias Makos, as they talked about an article on Context Is King, helping young entrepreneurs, and the battles that come with success.

Nothing in life is easy. Unless someone inherits massive wealth, we have to fight for the life that we want. When Ash started WatchMojo, no one thought that YouTube would become as serious as it is today. Now, people want to have dominance, and power in the YouTube and Creator Industry now more than ever. But there will always be obstacles that you are going to face.

People always want to be the best in the world. However, they might not know or want to take the steps necessary in order to succeed at the highest level. As a result, they start to hate on people who ended up becoming successful in what they wish they were doing at that moment.

We only have one life. So whatever it is that you want to do, do it! But know that there will always be people trying to put you down. However, if you work hard at what you do, you will be great!

Here is the discussion Ash had on CJAD 800: