Here to Serve.

WatchMojo has embraced a servant leadership philosophy and style of management, informing and entertaining audiences since 2006. While the company’s editorial mission has evolved over the years, at its root it has covered the people, places and things we’re passionate and nostalgic about.

Throughout, we have fostered a passionate community of pop culture fans, giving them a voice along the way and seat at the table. 

The democratization of media has impacted organizations’ social responsibility and elevated the need for corporations to give back in authentic ways. Meanwhile, consumer reactions have evolved. Whereas People magazine’s best-selling magazine was the posthumous cover on Robin Williams, online – and YouTube in particular – covering such a topic leads to some fair criticism from a portion of one’s audience. Sure, “people complain about anything online,” but at the root of every cry for help is a trace of merit. Striving to find an organic, authentic and effective way to give back, The WatchMojo Foundation allows us to serve all of our stakeholders: covering a wider spectrum of topics while giving proceeds of such videos to support philanthropic causes & charities that are important to our many stakeholders: our Viewers, Employees, Clients, Partners, Community and Founders. 

You can also speak up and support the causes that matter to you

Your support of our storytelling has helped make WatchMojo a success. Going forward, thanks to you Mojo Gives back financially to communities and organizations for whom every dollar goes a long way to accomplish their mission.