Back in April, Ash went on Andrei Najjar’s Next-Gen Podcast to talk about psychology, and how coaching is vital to success in not only your employees but your personal and professional growth as well.

Psychology is important because not only is it critical to understand how people’s minds work at the office, but by taking that information, you can develop culture, programs, and benefits for your employees so that they will be motivated, and want to stay where they are, impacting the relationships as well between co-workers.

I never really understood how much of a role psychology plays in school and work until I took a Psychology Intro course in college. By learning more about Organizational Psychology, I reflected on previous experiences in the jobs that I have had, and I have to say, I feel that I have been jedi-mind tricked, and have jedi-mind tricked people as well without even knowing it. 

Psychology is something that I did not think about too much until and it is something that should be addressed more in and out of the workplace. Here is a link to the podcast: