Back in 2019, Ash went to a SALT Conference in Las Vegas. The SALT Conferences are held by Anthony Scarammuci and are meant to bring some of the best minds from various industries to give insights on various topics. Ash was invited by Anthony to attend this SALT Conference in Las Vegas, and Ash would attend the conference and ended up making a documentary about his experience. He also interviewed various people about the benefits of capitalism during his time there as well. Here are some of the highlights from the conference

In my opinion, I think that capitalism drives competition. If we lived in a socialist society where everyone was equal, it would remove the motivation to succeed.

Another thing that was mentioned in this documentary was that smart government and smart businesses need to start working together to create a better world for future generations. What was also mentioned was that capitalism is the greatest job producer ever produced in mankind. That statement is true in my opinion because the amount of motivation and competition at the end of the day drives jobs being produced.

Lastly, I think that one of the positives of capitalism is that it drives entrepreneurship and innovation. It goes back to the idea of competition as each person strives to reach the top, it inspires people to create, and innovate to create a bigger and better world.

Here is a link to the documentary: