In February, Ash spoke with Michael Bloom, Senior Manager at EY Private for Zú Capital’s Speaker Series. Ash is a venture partner at Zú Capital, a non-profit organization whose mission is to gather, help and promote creatives in the entertainment sector to develop world-class innovative projects. In this speaker series, Ash mentioned that Balance is a place that you will never reach.

I feel that people need to define what balance is. Especially for people that are younger like me, we have this misconception that work is the most important thing in our lives, and that we need to be by our laptop/phone 24/7 to respond to emails etc. I am not saying that you should not work hard. I think that people should spend more time for self-care, and to spend more time with their friends and family outside of work. 

I also think that the definition of balance is different for everyone. There is a quote from Ash’s Article Balance that I think really helps define the term.

“Balance isn’t pretending everything is fine all the time, it’s going through a series of emotions & processing your thoughts to land in a place where you gain perspective and become content with things.”

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