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It’s a brand new day, and we have another AskAsh in store for you! For those who are new to the series, each day I ask WatchMojo founder and CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan questions on various things daily, ranging from what is going on in the news, to career advice for students and entrepreneurs.

As Ash has founded one of the world’s most successful entertainment and media companies, one of the things that popped into my head was how networking played a part in Ash’s development of WatchMojo, as it is one of the most important skills to have in today’s world. Additionally, as I am currently a college student, I thought it would be insightful to hear Ash’s advice on networking as I will be graduating college within the next couple of years.

  1. What advice would you give to someone who is starting to enter the workforce in terms of networking? 

Ash’s Response:

“The world has changed since I was looking for work: Linkedin has gone from a dubious source to the bona fide global standard in networking. But like YouTube, it’s become cluttered. I am a firm believer in being in control of your destiny when it comes to your own story, so the best way really is to begin to focus on areas that you are well versed in, passionate about and willing to put in the work to cut through the clutter. To some that means writing an article, to others it’s having a tiktok channel with short takes on trends, or a twitter account where you curate opinions you value… I assure you that when it comes to networking, you have to give to get, and the best way is to change the dynamics where people value your attention.”

  1. Are there any questions that you keep in mind to ask an executive or someone you want to connect with?

Ash’s Response:

“Now, granted, that takes time, so I think the best way for those who lack that presence and ability to do so would be to spend more time researching people, roles, opportunities and openings and then be more precise/succinct… than “carpet bombing” everyone and anyone, which will dilute your efforts. Yes, it’s a numbers game, but you need to hit the right profile of numbers, so to speak.”

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