Did someone say… Glocal?

Impressive effort from Byron Allen to launch a streamer aggregating local TV content. When we launched in 2006, we would produce local content – restaurants, artists, experts and so on – and package it in a global façade for international audiences. So say we did an interview with a Peruvian chef & entrepreneur who ran a restaurant in Montreal, we would edit that and showcase him and his establishment to establish credibility, but then discuss trends in cuisine, traits of Peruvian cooking, lessons from the restaurant industry and so on. It worked, but by 2012 it was clear where our passions and opportunities laid.

In any case, while I’ve discussed the true roots of the Mojo name, indeed, MoJo does also stand for Mobile Journalism, and once upon a time, we planned to launch local editions to both publish locally and then distribute globally. While we ended up localizing our global content across our portfolio of 30+ channels to reach 150 million people in 169 million countries, I’ve always wanted to add a layer of programming by bringing on local storytellers and possibly finally using our portfolio of local URLs like NYCMojo.com, LosAngelesMojo.com, VegasMojo.com, MiamiMojo.com, etc.

Seeing Mr. Allen’s launch today, maybe it’s time to do a bit of a call out and see if there are any local storytellers in various cities who’d want to become guides. There’s much more to it, but for now, that’s all I will say. If you are interested, hit me up or ideally, fill out this form.