YouTube and Patreon began a revolution, new competitors will complete the mission

Patreon’s growth has been nothing but amazing. Patreon enabled and benefited from the democratization of media. It’s not surprising to see them ride that wave to an IPO (somewhat surprising given the recent focus on SPACs).

It’s incredible how much things have progressed since we founded WatchMojo in 2005 as storytelling was shifting to video and the mobile revolution stood before us.

The proliferation of affordable production equipment combined with the disintermediation of distribution led to the democratization of media, emancipating creators: indeed, Hollywood as we knew it was over as the gatekeepers lost their power.

As we tinkered with our production/distribution model to find platform/format fit, we bet the farm on YouTube (amongst other bets).

We bootstrapped until breaking-even in 2011. It’s amazing to see how many more options storytellers and entrepreneurs have these days. I expect an entire slate of new competitors to emerge to push the envelope and further erode the establishment’s grips on power.

Both WatchMojo and my investment vehicle Granicus Group are backing the entrepreneurs and storytellers who are finding new ways to leverage the democratization of content, commerce and community.

To quote Ozzy Osbourne: I like it!