This is from a 2016 presentation I shared with my team before we reviewed them all, discussed the ones that made sense for us to pursue as part of our WM2020 initiative which paid off. If you are looking for a new challenge and see something that draws you… you know where to find me.

AAcademiaIn the past we have licensed our catalog to many EDU publishers. Some base their language teaching program on our clips. A product development strategy and proactive sales force could yield an annual revenue stream.
BBooksSelect high-profile projects from WM Studios’ slate and publish manuscripts to audience, add transactional revenues.
CCleared RightsBuild parallel catalog on top of existing Fair Use library by securing rights to licenses with organizations that have archived video assets or raw footage that WatchMojo can then add narrative, edit and make snackable content.
DDocumentariesProduce longer form series such as cities that spawned industries (Detroit and the automotive industry, Silicon Valley and technology)
EEventsFestivals, events and conferences with B2B and B2C components, themes, centered around topics that are of interest to our audience & clients.
FFundraisingDot Org initiatives: leverage distribution/audience/community for fundraising efforts to help charities and various causes. Give back to causes that are of relevant and important to respective communities on WatchMojo, MsMojo, WM Espanol, WM Francais, etc.
GGamesGames – apps and other interactive products related to our programming and which our audience would be into, and/or curating third-party games that we recommend and our audience would welcome.
HHorizontalHorizontal (expand in other verticals, niches) in Core biz
IInvestments Develop pipeline of complementary companies that WatchMojo can invest in or acquire and roll-up larger organization.
JJournalismJournalism: leverage freelancers around the world to report on trends, news, events and happenings.
KKidsCreate informative and entertaining programming for children under 12 years of age
LLicensingLicensing of archives, new videos as well as custom white label offerings
MeMagazines (digital) Take our most successul categories (i.e. Film) or franchises (i.e. decade-defining) to develop lengthier releases like Top 100 Moments in 1990s Movies for a more immersive experience for reader. Promote each release to core existing video viewers by having a corresponding short and longform video asset (short form being summary used to promote, long form being possible TV Show). This allows for diversification away from ad-supported video content, provides Subscription and Download opportunities while helping us tap into wider audiences not necessarily into video consumption. 
NNative advertisingNative advertising & Branded content offerings for Fortune 500 marketers and ad agencies looking to address rise of ad blockers, so-called death of 30-second TV spot.
OOut of HomeAt one time, we reached 20 million consumers per month in North America in digital out-of-home networks (includes retail, in-flight, taxis, buses).
PPlatforms & PartnershipsPlatforms (diversify away from YouTube and leverage Facebook, Snapchat, etc) & Partnerships with firms that need video expertise (Time Inc.) 
QQuestions & TriviaQuestions & Trivia: relaunch our channel as a mobile app and game.
RRadioAdapt core franchises into Music format (counting down the top 10 songs by a musical artist) or Talk format (breaking down lists, debating a Versus)
SStudiosDevelop i) scripted programming: movies, dramas, comedies, skits, etc. and ii) take our formats and style to amp up for traditional/linerar productions as gameshows, competitions etc., which we then promote to subscriber base.
TTransactional (eCommerce)Transactional commerce, tied in with our lists, and/or creation of products like eBooks that our audience (and new audiences may pay for).
UUniversityUniversity (scholarships, college tours, ex: ESPN’s Gameday)
VVirtual Reality Virtual Reality 
WWorldWorld: translate existing catalog, create local content
XeXperiencesCreate experiences around offline, real world events (travel trips, spring break, new year parties, culinary, conferences)
YYouth Camps, Training and similar services for 12-18 year old’s
ZData & AnalyticsInvest in personnel and tools (in-house, APIs) to better optimize production, publishing, distribution & monetization

That was the “big idea,” find out how it worked out in the real world with our WM2020 initiative which paid off by 2020.