Montreal is one of the most affordable cities in the developed world, with world-class institutions of higher learning delivering a multilingual creative workforce at our doorsteps. This creates a powerful base to expand and grow our business.

The challenge is trying to say yes to everyone and doing everything at once. How do we balance inbound leads, ideas we want to pursue while ensuring that the core business continues to execute?

Let’s start with how we break down growth opportunities in the 4 quadrants:

Then when it comes to prioritizing, streamlining, resource allocation, managing and measuring, this is how we view the landscape with its many stakeholders:

1. At our core, we have an army of creators who serve audiences with information and entertainment programming on fandom.

A. We match our priorities to focus on projects based on internal objectives & strengths, inbound and outbound business & corporate development efforts.

2. We evaluate opportunities to determine if alongside or instead of a commercial agreement alone, there’s a thesis to invest (and frankly those could be things that make sense for WatchMojo, vs projects and people that I may want to support via Granicus Group that may not make sense for WatchMojo – a bit, I presume, like how Jeff Bezos makes investments via Bezos Expeditions and Amazon).

B. We have created many jobs in the local economy and media industry, and A + 2 allow us to invest to create more jobs. I recognize that we can’t pursue let alone execute internally on everything.

3. We work with academic organizations to recruit and develop training programs for our employees to better capitalize on A and execute on 1. We have done this on an ad hoc basis, but are now formalizing this further.

C. Throughout these efforts, we also advise & consult others (be it startups or established companies) – which again create more jobs.

4. Finally, we capture some of the content (reports, studies, analysis) and publish across our brands, notably for videos and for articles, reports, studies, etc.

D. We give back via the WatchMojo Foundation.

That’s the theory, anyway! Time will tell how this pans out in the wild.