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The Lawsuit that Nearly Killed – But Ultimately Helped – WatchMojo

“They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” Fifteen years ago, in May 2006, I stepped into a courtroom and took on a Goliath, namely News Corp./IGN/AskMen. Today IGN is part of J2/Ziff Davis and not part… Continue Reading →

Everything Happens for a Reason

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Buddha Life is navigating through a series of headaches and heartaches, with bigger ones replacing previous ones and the… Continue Reading →

Double Verify: You Never Know Who’s Swimming Naked

I recently had a blast from the past, reflecting on my decade building WatchMojo alongside some of the towering ad technology companies that are now going public As part of Advertising Week, Axios’ Sara Fischer interviewed me re: – YouTube… Continue Reading →

Local Mojo? Does MoJo stand for Mobile Journalism?

Did someone say… Glocal? Impressive effort from Byron Allen to launch a streamer aggregating local TV content. When we launched in 2006, we would produce local content – restaurants, artists, experts and so on – and package it in a… Continue Reading →

Are The Best Leaders Coaches?

We don’t always expand into the root of people’s difficulties, which sometimes stem from developmental issues that don’t original at work, but spill over into it. That’s going to change. Andrei Najjar asked me to join his Next Gen Marketing… Continue Reading →

WFH vs WFO: To Return or Not To Return to the Office

How are you thinking about returning to the office vs WFH? Here’s an internal memo putting returning to the office in context for entrepreneurs running smaller businesses with observations on human nature. hello Team, Last week on the monthly catch… Continue Reading →

Here’s the Only Reason Why News Was Sustainable in the 20th Century

News is expensive, timely, and not very brand-safe. Why did the economic model work in the 20th century and not now? Great deep dive into the challenges of digital news companies in the 21st century. Naturally technology plays a big… Continue Reading →

Creator Economy Backers Repeating Mistakes VCs Made with Tech Entrepreneurs

Tech entrepreneurs have had a tremendous impact on all facets of the world, but the influence of creator entrepreneurs shouldn’t be discounted. Silicon Valley has long had a solid cast of mentors and advisors, but post-bubble era, I don’t know… Continue Reading →

The Decade of Psychology

Success boils down to how you react to challenges, adversity and obstacles. Nearly twenty years ago in 2002, while at AskMen, I published Course to Success: Everything You Need To Succeed Beyond School. Having graduated from business school in 1999,… Continue Reading →

Open to Work? Help me help You – New Show!

Join the #OpenToWork​ community on ContextTV! Help me help you find you work, either at WatchMojo, ContextTV, or throughout my network and over time, the community here. Got a question? Ask me via AskMojo:…​ Got a programming idea? Use… Continue Reading →

Can Culture & Communications Be Competitive Advantages?

In my recent Office Hours segment on ContextTV, I chatted with professor Ehsan Derayati re competition and how to stay ahead of the pack I returned to my alma mater to discuss strategy and competition and dovetailed into how culture… Continue Reading →

Do Companies Care About Diversity and Inclusion?

Kurt Merriweather is VP of Products and Co-Founder at The Diversity Movement (TDM). He is a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and accomplished product strategist and marketing executive. With over 20 years of experience, Kurt has worked for global brands like Discovery,… Continue Reading →

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