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The Promoter

WatchMojo may be the biggest media company you’ve never heard of. If you think you have what it takes to partner with WatchMojo & better harness and project our message, hit me up. When I launched WatchMojo, we had a… Continue Reading →

Not Asking for Permission: MsMojo Origins

Launching MsMojo was an example of listening to your inner voice, serving your community and not giving in to the perpetually-offended (now help me serve another demographic) Part of WatchMojo’s brands, MsMojo turns 5! It’s turned out to be a… Continue Reading →

The Paradox of Selling Out

Entrepreneurship has changed. Entrepreneurs have not. “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them,… Continue Reading →

People Ahead of Profit

For as long as I can recall, I’ve referenced the concept of “people ahead of profit,” which goes beyond looking at the bottom line, reinvesting, empathy and not chasing near-term profits You can blame Facebook for the destruction of democratic… Continue Reading →

My Two Love Children with Old Media

MsMojo and Mojo Travels were the result of my flings with Meredith and Time Inc. who ended up shacking up I have lived a truly remarkable life, somewhat of a blur, as I recruited an army out of Montreal and… Continue Reading →

Is Being Too Early The Same As Being Wrong?

We first established a presence on YouTube in 2006, but didn’t go all-in until 2012. That is the difference between WatchMojo being a success or a mere footnote In 2012, I wrote for Ten Ways YouTube Went From Pariah to… Continue Reading →

Fair Use is an Extension of User Rights and Freedom of Speech

The purpose of copyright is to promote the arts and sciences. Fair use – via commentary or parody – also promotes the arts and sciences. But at its root, fair use’s importance in history and politics is far more profound… Continue Reading →

The Advisor

Advisors are as valuable as you make them out to be. The answer to whether you should remain CEO as a young entrepreneur is part psychology, part experience. We had a good 2020. I emailed my list of formal and… Continue Reading →

Always Leave A Little Something on the Table

M&A mistakes to avoid if you want to build a portfolio with best-in-class assets Years ago when I was in NYC every couple weeks, a treat of mine was to make my way to one of many Q&As going on… Continue Reading →

An Alphabet of Opportunities

This is from a 2016 presentation I shared with my team before we reviewed them all, discussed the ones that made sense for us to pursue as part of our WM2020 initiative which paid off. If you are looking for… Continue Reading →

Building & Retaining an Army

The most effective organizations in the information age count their Intellectual Property as their strongest asset. While it is People who create that IP, modern management seems to view People as an afterthought. In ancient times, “entrepreneurs” would build armies… Continue Reading →

The Mad Scientist

Yesterday we looked at how companies can avoid dying through innovation, risk-taking. Today we look at the method to the madness of our series of bold bets which paid off. In 2016, I was meeting with Time Inc. to explore… Continue Reading →

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