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Here are all of the articles Ashkan Karbasfrooshan wrote for MediaPost between 2010 to 2015

To An Entire Generation, YouTube Is THE Channel — And Content Creator

Of late, we’ve heard a very vocal minority complain about YouTube’s value proposition to content creators. We’re now in the third wave of video-content producers.  The first ones like or Pseudo were too early (no one had broadband).  The… Continue Reading →

How Google Is Hurting Ad Networks

In 2007, before the economic apocalypse stopped everything in its tracks, the ad tech industry witnessed a bevy of acquisitions in the broader display ecosystem: RightMedia, BlueLithium, Doubleclick, aQuantive all got acquired.  After we realized the world would not implode… Continue Reading →

Commercial Applications Of Fair Use

If you’re working in the online video world, you may have to contend with copyright challenges, so it’s helpful to know something about the law in this area. The biggest misconception surrounding copyright law is that commercial use nullifies, or… Continue Reading →

Biggest Video News Stories Of The Half-Year

With half of 2013 completed, we look back at the main stories of the year this far in online video. MCN Investment Activity Heating Up Six months into the year, the level of corporate development activity on YouTube-related channels has… Continue Reading →

Will Mobile Crush Online Advertising’s Hopes?

If you read my post last week, “Why CPMs May Go Down to Zero,” you’d think that I was bearish on online media.  Truth is, I’m wildly optimistic at a macro level — but considering the general flight to quality… Continue Reading →

Why CPMs Are Going To Zero

We’re looking at slower-than-anticipated growth of online video advertisement revenues.  According to Paid Content’s Jeff John Roberts, reporting on consulting firm PwC’s annual media report, “online video will increase from $2.3 billion in 2012 to $5.9 billion by 2017. The figure represents… Continue Reading →

Does TrueView’s Success Mean No Difference Between UGC and Premium Content For Marketers?

While Mark Cuban is one of the nicer investors on Shark Tank, his online diatribes are lightning rods: readers in turn violently agree or disagree (that’s sometimes a byproduct of their envy, and how they feel about this maverick). Cuban… Continue Reading →

Six Stories Worth Paying Attention To

Buy on rumor, sell on news? After all of the hype leading up to the  return of “Arrested Development”  and its debut on Netflix, the company’s stock slipped 6% earlier in the week. That sounds about right: Buy  on the… Continue Reading →

Can YouTube Eclipse Facebook?

Google Buzz is dead.  Is Google Plus (or is it +?) next?  Who knows.   Google’s social networking nemesis Facebook isn’t going anywhere, but with the recent addition of Facebook’s sponsored posts, users are starting to find the obtrusive pokes from… Continue Reading →

Online Advertising: The Era Of Lowered Expectations

Eric Schmidt dubbed advertising the last bastion of unaccountability in corporate America, and judging by the following, he may be right. According to a Goldman Sachs study, “broadcast ratings in the 18- to-49-year-old demographic, the one most coveted by advertisers, fell… Continue Reading →

Content Is Consuming Us: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Two years ago, the inventor of the Web browser Marc Andreessen commented that software is eating the world. I guess when you’re the inventor of the Web browser, it’s normal to look at the world through software. As a content entrepreneur and… Continue Reading →

A Tale Of Two Deals, And How They’ll Affect Online Video

Recently, Alloy acquired DBG, while Dreamworks acquired Awesomeness TV. Terms of the Alloy/DBG deal were not disclosed.  Dreamworks paid $33 million for AwesomenessTV, with earnouts pushing the deal up to a deal size of $123 million. The companies have some… Continue Reading →

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