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How YouTube Has Evolved Over The Years

In 2019, Ash, WatchMojo Founder & CEO was invited by Vidcon to present a keynote in Los Angeles on its 10-year anniversary. Ash’s presentation focused on how YouTube has evolved from a scrappy business to eventually being the biggest content… Continue Reading →

A Call for Conscious Capitalism & Holding People in & Platforms of Power Accountable

Why is Always the Most Important Question to Ask. But you may also want to find out Who, When, Where, What and of course… How? Yesterday I touched on the philosophy, principles and purpose of Context, the new(ish) brand which… Continue Reading →

Context’s Perspective and Purpose

Working on my plans for Context, I am crystallizing the brand’s philosophy, perspective and purpose I’ve been tinkering with Context as a brand and vehicle for three years now. In 2018 I produced a few videos in the Good, Bad… Continue Reading →

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