Back in February, Ash discussed his opinions on opening up to his employees. He discussed what is important is that a CEO serves its employees and shareholders.

Back in WatchMojo’s beginnings, Ash mentioned that he felt that he did not communicate effectively with its employees effectively. Opening up to Employees is something that can be dependent on nature vs. nurture. It must have been interesting to see the change from then to now. 

Ash also uses the failures from his past when WatchMojo just began to help his employees as well. People thought that Ash was an idiot back in 2006 by producing videos on YouTube, as YouTube was not profitable back then, and just beginning. Now, people are competing with each other for dominance on YouTube. Taking those experiences of failure, he uses them to help employees in their personal, and professional growth as well. Opening up to employees is something that can make or break your business, and in the long run, help increase the productivity and morale of the people that work for you.

Here is the link to the video of Ash speaking on Balance and Opening Up To Employees: