Back in January, Ash wrote an article about Vision and how it relates to the Mission Statement of a Company. He also discussed how vision leads you through different paths for you as an individual and the company as a whole.

Later on in the article, Ash talks about the idea of Vision vs. Vision. The first type of vision is related to visibility. You can rely on your team to help with vision, such as gaining market share and gaining a following on social media and the internet. The second type of vision is individually based and helps guide you on your path. 

The following is how this concept of Vision vs. Vision plays out in Ash’s daily workday:

1) The optimal answer when problem-solving lies in balance (be it research or instinct, subjectivity or objectivity, producer or consumer) which is the concept of Yin Yang in Chinese philosophy.

2) We can achieve a result that serves the various stakeholders we have by focusing on our comparative advantage, which is a derivative of Plato’s Principle of Specialization.

3) When everyone focused on their comparative advantage, it’s most likely that the sum of the parts can be greater than the individual components, this is a tenet of Gestalt psychology.

4) Finally, to achieve all of this you have to understand the human equation – empathy, psychology, motivation, etc. – and that means understanding how the mind works, i.e. which takes me to Freud’s division of mind theory with the Id, Ego, and Superego.

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