In March, Ash presented a Keynote to his Alma Mater, Concordia University, on how Culture & Communications can be a competitive advantage. In this keynote, he mentioned that to have a higher chance at being successful, having a deep knowledge of sociology, history, and psychology are key subjects to understand.

Especially in business, sociology is important because it’s critical to understand the key characteristics of a company’s target demographic. Once sociologists find their target demographic, they can analyze qualitatively, and quantitatively how their target audience consumes the product or service they are marketing.

Understanding History in a business setting is also crucial because we can learn from previous leaders that lead by example. On the other hand, we can learn about leaders who did not offer any leadership or growth within a company. 

Psychology is very similar to sociology, however, it serves a bigger purpose internally. Psychology helps managers on a variety of different levels from hiring new employees, to training, and motivating employees. Furthermore, organizational psychologists are looking for proven ways to maintain morale, increase productivity, and retain employees as well.

You can watch more of that presentation here: