Perspective takes effort and an open mind and heart, but having it means a better quality of life.

Recently, I was in a hit & run. Thankfully, we weren’t harmed. But the exercise proved another lesson in perspective – which is the counter-weight to giving in to greed, evil and other Sins.

A couple of 20-something kids stole a car & then smashed into mine when cops pulled them over. First instinct was shock, then anger, then empathy/perspective: how desperate are a couple of 20-year olds to steal a car, resist arrest & drive off after a hit & run… in Montreal!

Reminded me of my good fortune and privilege – and I was born in Iran right before a revolution and war.

I really, really think we need to provide more education and better employment prospects. Yes, sociology suggests a portion of youth will be drawn to deviance via violent conduct; but I suspect psychology & economics would dictate that giving people – especially from underprivileged groups – more viable to earn a good, honest living with clear paths to a better tomorrow will pay tremendous socio-economic dividends over time. Capitalism has a role and responsibility to play in this, but pulling it off isn’t easy.