If you do this, you will exponentially increase your odds of landing work… or at least standing out by making the hiring manager’s job easier.

I alluded to this in my Finding Your Voice article when discussing our new foray into audio programming. I see many friends and strangers (you’re never a stranger to me! Feel free to email me any day and I’ll do my best to help) posting on Linkedin looking for work. With so many people affected, I very humbly think that YOU have to do some of the legwork for hiring managers… and this will help you better assess what you WANT to do if you could.

In May 2020, probably feeling anxious about the direction of the world, I posted the following on my Linked profile:

Looking for work? 

Hit me up with the following 3 answers:

1) Principle of Specialization: What is the ideal/realistic role for you where you are the Wayne Gretzky/Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods of your craft? 

2) Sum of the Parts: What is the kind of organization you perform in the best? Fit and culture matter.

3) Comparative advantage: What industry/sector do you have considerable domain expertise? 

And I’ll do my best to provide a “direct hit” with the person / company I think you’d be most helpful to & have most success in the years to come.

Soon thereafter, I received an email from Frank Pavan who wrote:

“I stumbled upon your "Lost your job?" tweet and figured this would be a great way to introduce myself.”

Now I will be candid and say that post Covid, we could’ve turtled up and batten down the hatches – and let’s face it, no one would’ve blamed us – but we didn’t only ride the storm, we actually came out stronger on many levels. Frank hasn’t just helped us finally get our podcast efforts off the ground, he also helped me set up this website which houses many of my old articles and now serves as my diary and soapbox… meaning, it turned out to be a win-win arrangement. Had Frank sent in a generic email, I’m not sure we would have connected the way he did.

Thus, help me (and other employers and HR managers) help you and answer those questions! Either below in the Comments, in the Linkedin post where I shared this now… but mainly, on YOUR Linkedin profile.