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Hollywood As We Knew It Is Over (But Not For the Reason You Think)

The biggest change to affect Hollywood isn’t actually the streaming platforms, but that the democratization of media emancipates talent. Oh the hypocrisy! I enjoyed Bill Mechanic’s take this past week. The clichés are true: culture eats strategy for breakfast. Success… Continue Reading →

Gobble or be Gobbled? No. Stream or Be Steamrolled.

In this latest dispute between Talent and Owners, it’s worth remembering that Audiences don’t care about creator feelings nor corporations’ stock prices. I get it, I empathize with all sides. I’m not here to tell you which side is right,… Continue Reading →

Is WarnerMedia’s Move Film’s Bertelsmann/Napster Moment?

WarnerMedia may not have won over many in Hollywood but over time, Bertelsmann’s Napster deal & the subsequent missed opportunities may offer useful lessons. After getting near the bull’s eye with Hulu, Jason Killar’s Vessel didn’t have the outcome he… Continue Reading →

The Revenge of Jason Kilar

After a reasonably successful early half of his career, Kilar was thrust into the leadership position at Hulu. He had a hit, but part of a dysfunctional family. With Vessel having missed the mark, Kilar is aiming for vengeance to… Continue Reading →

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