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Media SPACs to the Rescue!

SPACs were seen as financing of last resort, but have now gained credibility Privately-held companies sometimes achieve a liquidity event by way of a merger or acquisition. Otherwise, there are multiple paths to liquidity, namely: – IPO– Direct listing– SPACs…. Continue Reading →

Is Airbnb the Foundational Stock of the 21st Century Generation?

Airbnb is the poster child for the 2010s and apparently, 2020. In this article I break down why I added Airbnb to the Granicus stock portfolio. Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice. I am NOT licensed to… Continue Reading →

Is DoorDash the Next Priceline?

Unlikely and maybe not the best comparable, but one detail caught my attention. Doordash went public today and popped at $182… valuing the business at $80 billion. Some food for thought. Doordash is a different business than the restaurants it… Continue Reading →

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