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Insecurities: The Muslim & the Jews

In this latest piece in the Insecurities series, I open up about how many of us sub-consciously try to endear others in our journey to appease ourselves. The Dersh and I? Alan Dershowitz and I probably disagree on more than… Continue Reading →

Insecurities: The Real 20th Hijacker

The comparisons with Adolf Hitler were indeed unfair. The image may be a fake, but Donald Trump was America’s Osama bin Laden Part 3 of my series on Insecurities. In March 2003, the USA had just invaded Iraq. As an… Continue Reading →

Insecurities: The Persian

Your heritage should be a source of pride, but sometimes, we feel responsible for the sins of others This is part 2 in my series on Insecurities. I was born in Iran in March 1978 to Muslim parents. We weren’t… Continue Reading →


Human beings are all driven by insecurities. Don’t be so defensive, you are too. Human beings are driven by insecurities. Rebecca and I discussed it in a Context.TV video last year; having now referenced it in many articles on this… Continue Reading →

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