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EarBuds: Music is Better Together

EarBuds is on a mission to transform the way streaming content is experienced, and to enable reliable sources of income for talented creators and artists.

Amazon’s Ad Business Would Command a $250B Market Cap

Long Seen as King of Commerce, Amazon is now the Prince of Content, as well. Amazon is gobbling everything in sight, growing through a mix of organic and inorganic moves When I launched WatchMojo, rights holders had no economic incentive… Continue Reading →

Will Microsoft or Amazon Buy AMC?

Sounds crazy? Amazon bought Whole Foods, given Amazon Prime, this makes more sense. Given the challenges and uncertain timeline facing theater chains AMC Theatres, Regal, Cinemark, Cineworld Cinemas Ltd, Cineplex, you have to wonder what the future looks for them. I… Continue Reading →

Stocks to Watch: If Shopify Can Be The Next Amazon, Could Lightspeed or Nuvei be the Next Shopify?

Short answer: nothing is the next Amazon and neither Lightspeed nor Nuvei are the next Shopify, but they do represent good-albeit-risky bets to capitalize on the $2 trillion global payments market. Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice…. Continue Reading →

Introducing My Stock Portfolio

Disclaimer: Nothing here should be misconstrued as investing advice. I am NOT licensed to give any advice. These writings are intended as entertainment to put into context how a media entrepreneur and investor thinks, given my unique time horizon and… Continue Reading →

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