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Is Being Too Early The Same As Being Wrong?

We first established a presence on YouTube in 2006, but didn’t go all-in until 2012. That is the difference between WatchMojo being a success or a mere footnote In 2012, I wrote for Ten Ways YouTube Went From Pariah to… Continue Reading →

The Case Against ContentID

Having spent 10 years navigating the DMCA and how YouTube’s ContentID tool manages claims, I’m not surprised to see the copyright tool used as a weapon to censor. I’ve chronicled my adventures with copyright law and fair use quite a… Continue Reading →

Fair Use is an Extension of User Rights and Freedom of Speech

The purpose of copyright is to promote the arts and sciences. Fair use – via commentary or parody – also promotes the arts and sciences. But at its root, fair use’s importance in history and politics is far more profound… Continue Reading →

Innings vs Matches

2020 was the year streaming lapped linear. For the past fifteen years, people have asked me what “inning we’re in.” I’d turn the question back onto them and ask: “what game of a best of 7 series do you think… Continue Reading →

The Entrepreneur’s PTSD

A key tenet of Context is King is transparency. Another is truthfulness. Today the prospects for entrepreneurs are wildly different; but the challenges remain the same. Writing, like dreaming, helps process information and cope with one’s emotions. When I wrote my… Continue Reading →

Record Labels: When Greed and Fear Collide

In a surprising twist, I bought some shares in Warner Music Group, the company who brought me much joy as a consumer and more headaches as an entrepreneur. So apparently, while gaming took off during a pandemic, growth in music… Continue Reading →

When YouTube Earned Most Favored Nation Status

While Vlogs, DIYs have always been popular, YouTube was the house built on Music and Gaming. Watch these two videos for a rundown of how YouTube won video and its evolution over the years. Throughout, music and gaming have remained… Continue Reading →

Change in Consumer Perception of UGC is Most Significant Development in Media

2020 seems like the media world accelerated by a decade. As video becomes omnipresent in a 24/7/365 connected world, it’s expanding as a form of content around community into commerce. You’ve come a long way, baby. The video landscape today… Continue Reading →

Stocks to Watch: Broadband TV (BBTV)

Online video is competitive, but poised to continue to grow. Is BBTV a good proxy for the sector? As part of The Academy, I break down my thinking and experiences in Business: Entrepreneurship, Finance & Investment, Marketing, Management etc. In… Continue Reading →

This is not Censorship

Take it from someone who was born in a country with censorship and severe punishment, when YouTube, Facebook et al. penalize a creator, it’s not censorship (I would know). YouTube levied a series of penalties against OANN, citing Covid related videos…. Continue Reading →

Irony: In Music, Spotify is Frenemy; YouTube is the BFF Labels Need More Than Ever

Nothing captures YouTube’s evolution as rights & advertising clearinghouse more than music’s love/hate relationship with pariah-turned-frenemy-turned belle of the media ball. Music and gaming content have always been the biggest content categories on YouTube. It’s thus not surprising that both… Continue Reading →

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

As I found myself facing similar discussions with Facebook regarding copyright and fair use, I started having flashbacks to some of the early debates we had with YouTube… and in which we prevailed. These date back to 2012: Step 1:… Continue Reading →

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