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Who Will Win the Sports Betting Match?

Demand and Supply in media no longer makes sense to support traditional models, in general. In sports in particular, the entire landscape is being redrawn and business models and valuations being re-examined. The world of sports coverage and sports betting… Continue Reading →

Billionaire’s Remorse, UBI & Role of Demand/Supply

Melinda Gates, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, Scott Galloway are all great at spotting the inequality but any real sustainable solution needs to account laws of demand and supply. America Needs a Reset. When Covid hit, people hoped that the silver… Continue Reading →

Why Canada’s Wage Subsidy Plans Isn’t Effective & Will Slow Recovery

I’ve hesitated to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because overall, he’s done a good job and let’s face it, there isn’t a practical pandemic playbook. That said, upon reading that the wage subsidy plan was under-performing (not paying out as much as… Continue Reading →

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