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The Paradox of Hollywood’s Piracy Roots

The origins of Hollywood are rooted in skirting the law Analog production and distribution of media was the original, quintessential rights management tool, making the reproduction of content challenging. Digitization – via the rise of computers, internet, world wide web… Continue Reading →

The Law is a Toolbox Full of Paths to Success

As entrepreneurs, we’re idealists always facing doubters, cynics and naysayers. Like any self-respecting entrepreneur, I have a desire to take on new challenges while proving the doubters wrong. This has manifested itself on many fronts. As someone always rooting for… Continue Reading →

You can thank me later, Hollywood

From Fairness Doctrine to Fair Use, never lose sight of the forest through the trees when fighting for your principles I’ve covered fair use on these pages before. At a high level, the manifestation of my frustrations and drive in… Continue Reading →

Media SPACs to the Rescue!

SPACs were seen as financing of last resort, but have now gained credibility Privately-held companies sometimes achieve a liquidity event by way of a merger or acquisition. Otherwise, there are multiple paths to liquidity, namely: – IPO– Direct listing– SPACs…. Continue Reading →

The Many Phases of M&A: Close but no Cigar

All Options Are Equal But Some are More Equal than Others Years ago when WatchMojo was effectively insolvent and running on fumes, I mentioned to a fellow entrepreneur and investor that I was exploring/entertaining some corporate development “options.” We were… Continue Reading →

CorpoNations: Facebook is Russia

Are the real powers of the 21st century nations, or corporations? In “the case against Content ID,” I alluded to the rise of CorpoNations – boundaryless entities that span nations, hire global armies with next generation weapons of mass destruction… Continue Reading →

The Case Against ContentID

Having spent 10 years navigating the DMCA and how YouTube’s ContentID tool manages claims, I’m not surprised to see the copyright tool used as a weapon to censor. I’ve chronicled my adventures with copyright law and fair use quite a… Continue Reading →

The Advisor

Advisors are as valuable as you make them out to be. The answer to whether you should remain CEO as a young entrepreneur is part psychology, part experience. We had a good 2020. I emailed my list of formal and… Continue Reading →

The Entrepreneur’s PTSD

A key tenet of Context is King is transparency. Another is truthfulness. Today the prospects for entrepreneurs are wildly different; but the challenges remain the same. Writing, like dreaming, helps process information and cope with one’s emotions. When I wrote my… Continue Reading →

Who Will Win the Sports Betting Match?

Demand and Supply in media no longer makes sense to support traditional models, in general. In sports in particular, the entire landscape is being redrawn and business models and valuations being re-examined. The world of sports coverage and sports betting… Continue Reading →

Hollywood As We Knew It Is Over (But Not For the Reason You Think)

The biggest change to affect Hollywood isn’t actually the streaming platforms, but that the democratization of media emancipates talent. Oh the hypocrisy! I enjoyed Bill Mechanic’s take this past week. The clichés are true: culture eats strategy for breakfast. Success… Continue Reading →

Record Labels: When Greed and Fear Collide

In a surprising twist, I bought some shares in Warner Music Group, the company who brought me much joy as a consumer and more headaches as an entrepreneur. So apparently, while gaming took off during a pandemic, growth in music… Continue Reading →

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