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WatchMojo’s CEO and founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan is joined by WatchMojo’s Rebecca Brayton to discuss the latest, biggest stories shaping the world of digital media.

Of Platforms and Publishers

To avoid accusations of bias and censorship, platforms are trying to find middle ground with regards to freedom of expression and discouraging harmful content. The latest decision to make certain videos available on platforms but not promoted is a reasonable… Continue Reading →

What’s Taarof? The Secret To My Leadership Success

Fifteen years after starting a company, I work with the same 4 co-founders – one of whom is my wife. The company has an additional handful of employees who have worked 10 years with the firm. I’ve started to break… Continue Reading →

Diversity & Inclusion: Are You Willing to Give Up Your Seat?

Nice profile of Abby Phillip in the NYTimes. It doesn’t take audiences very long to realize she is bright with a brighter future ahead of her. Diversity & Inclusion…  There isn’t much to add to the NYT article and ensuing… Continue Reading →

Netflix is Evolutionary while YouTube is Revolutionary

YouTube and Netflix won the AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) and SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) wars, respectively, but the way they did so is wildly different. A non-paying user isn’t as valuable as a paying subscriber, of course, but… Continue Reading →

ESPN’s Shutting Down of eSports Division a Reflection on eSports, ESPN & Innovator’s Dilemma

When ESPN shelved its eSports division, it was easy to view it was a bearish sign. Was it? Nyet. As my colleague mentioned: “We already have plenty of eSports organizations, networks, etc that have been providing this content for years. EVO,… Continue Reading →

What do Trump, Mayer & Bronfman Have in Common?

If teenagers want to be YouTubers then it’s fair to say their parents want to be a streamers. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is thinking of launching a new news network that would make FOX News look liberal. But, instead of… Continue Reading →

Do Women Make Better Managers?

Hearst hired Debi Chirichella to replace Troy Young as head of magazines. Given the media company’s underlying audiences it serves, it made sense to go with the best person for the role which in this case was a Hearst veteran who… Continue Reading →

Covid Accelerated ESPN’s Future

“Covid has elements of the fear that we felt after 9/11, the financial worry that we experienced in 2008, and the unknown that surrounds a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado all rolled into one.”Politico’s Robert Allbritton ESPN remains… Continue Reading →

Great Big Story is Latest Example of Corporations Misunderstanding Why Startups Succeed

Quibi and CNN’s Great Big Story share a common trait: taking a startup and making it act like an established business never works. This may hurt, but I think the pandemic is the convenient excuse many decision-makers will lean on… Continue Reading →

Quibi’s Main Advantage Turned to its Achilles Heel

The WSJ has spent a lot of time tearing apart the Quibi carcas. Ultimately, the media has spent far more time covering Quibi than people spent watching Quibi shows. When I had breakfast with Jeffrey Katzenberg in the summer 2018,… Continue Reading →

Our Pillars: Four Big Bets

“The best investor is a social scientist.”Michael Milken From 2006-12, we experimented with production and distribution tactics until finding our product/market (or platform/format) fit. In doing so, we built a massive evergreen back-catalog while fine-tuning the production model. But what… Continue Reading →

Comparative Advantage & Positive Outcomes

Ever since I stepped foot in Ancient Greek Philosophy class at college (as a business student no less), I was drawn to Plato’s Principle of Specialization which in turned serves as foundation to the concept of comparative advantage. To varying… Continue Reading →

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