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Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

As I found myself facing similar discussions with Facebook regarding copyright and fair use, I started having flashbacks to some of the early debates we had with YouTube… and in which we prevailed. These date back to 2012: Step 1:… Continue Reading →

Building the Next Liberty Media

After/while building the cable industry with TCI, John Malone proceeded to create Liberty Media, with investments in media & technology companies to fill the distribution pipes he had built with programming (Malone’s biography Cable Cowboy lays it out all splendidly and is one… Continue Reading →

How To Create Value Over the Next Decade?

In 2006 when I started WatchMojo I saw an opening in the marketplace to create programming to fill the vacuum created in the middle of the content pyramid as traditional media rights holders kept their super premium content offline, given… Continue Reading →

A Solution for YouTube’s ContentID That Would Solve Most of Its Other Problems (Brand-Safety, Algorithm)

YouTube’s latest scandal involves pedophiles. YouTube’s roots are in piracy, but over time its size has led it to face challenges with brand safety, algorithm trends, and much more. We sometimes conflate the causes of a given problem, but as I… Continue Reading →

YouTube’s Forthcoming Suicide Problem & How Its Management Isn’t Ready to Handle the Crisis

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility In “Update on 2018 Priorities”, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki indicated that YouTube’s #1 priority was “Transparency and communications,” referencing the word “power” three times, but only in the context of the power YouTube has… Continue Reading →

Are Rights Holders Unlawfully Claiming $2 Billion Through YouTube’s ContentID?

In our video Counter-strike — Exposing ContentID Abusers: How YouTube’s ContentID system has become Google’s Achilles Heel & exposes rights holders to antitrust & class action lawsuits, we retraced the origins of Google’s decision to invest in ContentId (CID) on the… Continue Reading →

The Virtues of No: Strategy isn’t what you do, it’s what you don’t do.

Last night I published a quick post highlighting three takeaways from Buzzfeed’s disclosure that it generated $100 million in revenues from areas that didn’t exist the previous year. Someone asked what that meant to Buzzfeed’s editorial going forward, here are my expanded thoughts, using… Continue Reading →

Is Platform/Format Fit the Path to Creating Billion Dollar Video Content Businesses in Media?

Over the years, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs have adopted certain terms to convey a playbook for startups to identity opportunities, pursue them and build viable businesses around problems large and small. The Lean Startup. Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and  Product/Market… Continue Reading →

What is Driving Recent Acquisitions in Web Video Space?

Matt Gielen asked what was driving some of the recent deals in the YouTube ecosystem. The short answer is: it’s complicated. YouTube is a mature yet still growing platform that is really the only/main game in town when it comes to sustained… Continue Reading →

Fair Use: A Legal, Business And Common-Sense Proposition

Recently, U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin concluded that Google’s book scanning amounted to fair use because it was “highly transformative” and “didn’t harm the market for the original work.” Judge Chin also rejected the Author’s Guild theory that Google was “depriving authors… Continue Reading →

Commercial Applications Of Fair Use

If you’re working in the online video world, you may have to contend with copyright challenges, so it’s helpful to know something about the law in this area. The biggest misconception surrounding copyright law is that commercial use nullifies, or… Continue Reading →

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