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Always Leave A Little Something on the Table

M&A mistakes to avoid if you want to build a portfolio with best-in-class assets Years ago when I was in NYC every couple weeks, a treat of mine was to make my way to one of many Q&As going on… Continue Reading →

An Alphabet of Opportunities

This is from a 2016 presentation I shared with my team before we reviewed them all, discussed the ones that made sense for us to pursue as part of our WM2020 initiative which paid off. If you are looking for… Continue Reading →

Building & Retaining an Army

The most effective organizations in the information age count their Intellectual Property as their strongest asset. While it is People who create that IP, modern management seems to view People as an afterthought. In ancient times, “entrepreneurs” would build armies… Continue Reading →

The Mad Scientist

Yesterday we looked at how companies can avoid dying through innovation, risk-taking. Today we look at the method to the madness of our series of bold bets which paid off. In 2016, I was meeting with Time Inc. to explore… Continue Reading →

How Geek Culture Overtook Pop Culture

Taking a dream from concept to reality. In 2019, I produced my first documentary called Fox in the Henhouse – a 63-minute project shot at Anthony Scaramucci’s SALT conference in Las Vegas which explores the role of entrepreneurship in society… Continue Reading →

How Companies Avoid Death: Sin meets Virtue

XYZ Corp. vs ABC Inc. are two companies that take different approaches to how they view their cash flow. In my first day of finance class in 1996, the professor declared: “the role of the financial manager is to maximize… Continue Reading →

The Entrepreneur’s PTSD

A key tenet of Context is King is transparency. Another is truthfulness. Today the prospects for entrepreneurs are wildly different; but the challenges remain the same. Writing, like dreaming, helps process information and cope with one’s emotions. When I wrote my… Continue Reading →

Record Labels: When Greed and Fear Collide

In a surprising twist, I bought some shares in Warner Music Group, the company who brought me much joy as a consumer and more headaches as an entrepreneur. So apparently, while gaming took off during a pandemic, growth in music… Continue Reading →

Finding Your Voice

WatchMojo is launching a series of audio programming, starting with Sports, Music… but with plans to expand into more areas. It’s contrarian, and like everything else we do, will take time and persistence to pull off. When listing WatchMojo’s editorial… Continue Reading →

When YouTube Earned Most Favored Nation Status

While Vlogs, DIYs have always been popular, YouTube was the house built on Music and Gaming. Watch these two videos for a rundown of how YouTube won video and its evolution over the years. Throughout, music and gaming have remained… Continue Reading →

Serving Two Masters

FOX’s identity crisis between its TV positioning and website perspective is reminiscent of MSNBC’s multiple personality disorder a decade ago. Reading this headline “Fox staffers say Porter Berry, EIC of and former Hannity producer, has shifted the site’s tone… Continue Reading →

Branding: The House of Pain

Company valuations are driven by financial performance, but businesses that command outsized valuations do so thanks to Goodwill, or brand equity. Brian Morrissey today discussed brand strategy, referencing Kevin Smith / Mighty Roar’s brand architecture. He breaks it down into… Continue Reading →

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