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Here are all of the articles Ashkan Karbasfrooshan wrote for AskMen between 2000 to 2005

Should You Be The Go-To Person?

Many of you may find yourselves being the “go-to-guy” that others rely on — find out whether this is good or bad, and how it impacts your climb to the top. As trite as it may sound, the first thing… Continue Reading →

Working With Different People

While machines can be replaced, data restored and buildings rebuilt, we know that the one true precious resource is people. It is for this reason that being able to manage different people plays a larger than expected part in one’s… Continue Reading →

Should You Be A Hired Gun?

Reader’s question I have been working at the same consulting firm for over a decade now. During the boom years of the Web, I turned down many interesting offers. It’s not that those offers were not intriguing, but I was… Continue Reading →

Dealing With Burnout

“Burning a candle at both ends.” This is an expression I heard years ago when a rock star was talking about his life. The “burning” he pointed to was caused by an excess of a sex, drugs and rock ‘n’… Continue Reading →

How To Get Close To Key People

We would like to believe that everyone has something to offer. Plato even argued that if each person did what he or she excelled at, society would be better off for it. But this begs the question: does this include… Continue Reading →

Are You A Perfectionist?

The Pareto Principle states that 20% of an input leads to 80% of the result. Businesspeople often refer to this as the 80/20 rule and for better or for worse, the rule makes sense well over 80% of the time…. Continue Reading →

Are You Afraid Of Success?

Dear Ash, My parents are on my case because they say I lack ambition. My girlfriend says the same thing. They think I’m afraid of success and not living up to my potential. Is there such a thing? Thanks, Mel… Continue Reading →

Scandals: Is Your Company Next?

The cover of the July 1, 2002 issue of Fortune magazine had the words “System Failure” emblazoned in bold red letters. The cover story went to great lengths to offer a handful of ways that investor confidence could be restored…. Continue Reading →

Business Survival: Culture Is Key

When Jean-Marie Messier announced his resignation from Vivendi Universal, it sent shockwaves through business circles on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. After all, Messier sought to build a global media empire that spanned from LA and NY to Paris…. Continue Reading →

Are You Worth Your Paycheck?

Before you answer the titular question, allow me to ask you this: were the nine Pennsylvania coal miners who were trapped 240 feet below the surface for nearly 80 hours in July 2002 overpaid, underpaid or paid fairly? How much… Continue Reading →

Mixing Business & Pleasure: Networking

Imagine this scenario: You just lost your job. Your friend asks you to go to the best nightclub in town with him. Reluctantly, you go, and once there, you realize that the Head of Human Resources of your dream employer… Continue Reading →

Professionalism At The Office

They say that a suit and a clean shave are vital in business. After all, if you are dressed too casually, you will give off the wrong impression. Really? Apparently so; they also say that if your face does not… Continue Reading →

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