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Ambition & Drive: The Confessions of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is widely considered to be the most influential secular figure of all time. Nearly twenty years ago, I set out to explore why. In my writings here, I cite back to my books; instead of linking to… Continue Reading →

Finesse meets Force: The legend of the Gordian Knot

The fine line between management, motivation and mendacity is coming under scrutiny. That’s a welcome dynamic, but let’s not forget that adversity and tough behavior creates the resilience needed to persevere, and succeed. Everywhere you look, people are no longer… Continue Reading →

Lessons from Alexander the Great’s Siege of Tyre (332 BC)

Tyre was a fortress island off the coast of modern day Lebanon. The city was a strategic coastal base on the Mediterranean Sea. Alexander was so enraged at the Tyrians’ defence of their city and the loss of his men that… Continue Reading →

Workaholism, Depression & Suicide: The Hidden Mental Cost of Success & The Healing Power of No

Entrepreneurship is hard in bad times, tougher in good ones. “I’ve lost my mind to the game. Like Vincent Van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his craft, & lost his mind. That’s happening to me. But f*ck It. When… Continue Reading →

ESPN’s Shutting Down of eSports Division a Reflection on eSports, ESPN & Innovator’s Dilemma

When ESPN shelved its eSports division, it was easy to view it was a bearish sign. Was it? Nyet. As my colleague mentioned: “We already have plenty of eSports organizations, networks, etc that have been providing this content for years. EVO,… Continue Reading →

Ask Ash: Leadership

Hi There! My name is Ben Steinberg. I am currently an intern at WatchMojo working and writing on the Context Is King Website. I will be publishing articles daily and looking forward to sharing my insights with you! Welcome to… Continue Reading →

Origins of the Granicus Group

Hi There! I hope your Friday is going well. Welcome back to another Ask Ash post, in which I ask WatchMojo founder and CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan questions on various topics, ranging from what is going on in the news, to… Continue Reading →


Getting to know Ashkan Karbasfrooshan: A finance graduate from one of the top colleges in the nation, Ashkan initially wanted to work in investment banking but life, as we all know it, has a funny way of unfolding and he… Continue Reading →

How Sexy Is Investment Banking?

Going to the street Investment banking encompasses three main areas of finance and investments: equity underwriting (issuing and valuing stock), global markets (interest rates and currencies), and mergers and acquisitions. My interests cover all three, but like many, the world of… Continue Reading →

The Paradox of Damages in Legal Cases

Hope you enjoyed part 6 on copyright infringement precedents featuring the concept of implied contracts, and the expectation of good faith dealing in our series on Idea Theft . Welcome to Part 7 on Damages. Estimating Damages in an Injunction When I wrote… Continue Reading →

Hollywood Perfected the Art of Gaslighting

Hope you enjoyed part 4 on how victims are exposed, and expose themselves to Idea Theft. Welcome to Part 5. The Evolution of Storytelling Before launching WatchMojo, I wanted to produce scripted stories: comedy and drama. When WatchMojo turned ten in 2016,… Continue Reading →

Boomeranging Back To A Previous Job

Working for The Man has its good sides and its bad sides. One reality is that your perceived value is great to outsiders — usually greater than it is to insiders. Even if your colleagues and supervisors genuinely appreciate what… Continue Reading →

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